17th June 2024 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How long does a counselling session last at your practice?.

Answer: Each session with me lasts 60 minutes.

Question: How often should I have a counselling session?.

Answer: Ideally sessions occur regularly on a ‘once a week’ basis. However for some clients this may not be convenient. The frequency of your sessions is a matter that can be discussed at your initial consultation.

Question: How much do you charge for a counselling session?.

Answer: Each 60 minute counselling session is charged at 45. However the initial consultation is free of charge and is offered without obligation.

Question: Why is the initial consultation offered free of charge and without obligation?.

Answer: There are two reasons for this:

Firstly: I believe that the working relationship between myself and a client is of fundamental importance to the therapeutic process. Therefore I feel it is important for a client to meet with me prior to making a commitment to pay for my professional services. This gives the client an opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether they would like to continue working with me.

Secondly: The initial consultation is also an opportunity for me to assess if I am the right person professionally to assist you in meeting your needs.

Question: What happens when I initially contact you?.

Answer: Firstly I think it is important for you to acknowledge that you have taken this significant (and often brave) first step towards addressing your concerns.

Upon receiving your call we will agree a mutually convenient time to meet at the practice for an initial consultation.

Question: When are appointments available?

Answer: I see clients from 9am to 7pm Monday to Fridays (NB Last appointment commencement time is 6 pm).

Question: What happens at the initial consultation?.

Answer: The consultation will last for approximately one hour and during that time you will be able to talk over your concerns with me. As previously discussed, the purpose of this initial meeting is to establish whether you feel comfortable working with me, and to ensure that I am the right person professionally to assist you in meeting your needs. If both these criteria are met and you decide you want to undertake counselling with me, then we will arrange a convenient time for you to commence your sessions at the practice.

Some clients feel that they need more time to think about things, following the initial consultation, before making a decision about undertaking counselling - if you find you would like to do this, then I will leave the matter in your hands.

Question: How long will my counselling with you last?.

Answer: I believe that every person is an individual in their own right. Therefore I feel it is extremely difficult to determine in advance, the number of counselling sessions a client will require in order to have their needs met. This is an area that we will discuss together as your counselling progresses.

As previously highlighted on this website, I provide for both short-term and long-term therapy requirements; thereby tailor making the service that I offer to meet each client’s individual needs.

Question: I am a wheelchair user. Will I be able to make use of your service?.

Answer: Yes. The practice has been purpose built to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users and includes appropriate toilet and washroom facilities. If wheelchair access is required, please let me know prior to your first visit so that I can position the external ramp for your use.

Question: Where do counselling sessions take place?.

Answer: At my practice at 57 Julians Acres, Berrow. See the ‘Contact Details’ page on this website for more details.