17th June 2024 

About Counselling

What is Counselling?

Counselling is one of the ‘talking therapies’. Within counselling a client is offered a unique opportunity to explore areas of their life which are causing them difficulty or distress. A counsellor provides a confidential relationship for their client which is supportive, caring and safe. Counselling is NOT about telling you what to do; it is about nurturing your own natural potential for positive growth.

About Counselling #01When is Counselling helpful?

People have counselling for a variety of reasons. For example it may be directly associated with a specific event or series of events e.g. bereavement, abuse, illness, divorce, loss, bullying etc; or it could arise from a combination of factors (sometimes originating from as far back as early childhood). Whatever the reason (or reasons) the result can be the same - a negative effect on the well-being of the person concerned. Counselling is also beneficial for personal development.

What Benefits can be Expected from Counselling?

Counselling is designed to help a person identify and explore issues that are troubling them; as with a greater awareness and understanding of a situation, so an individual may attain a clearer sense of their personal resources and as a consequence achieve self determined change.